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Weekly Flea Market Ave A and 11th Street

Flea Market at Ave A and 11th Street
Flea Market at Ave A and 11th Street

I’d forgotten about this place until I started going back through my photos.  Last week, my wife and were walking down 11th Street.  I don’t recall where we were going, but we saw a flea market and stopped in to look around.  I’d always thought of flea markets as being a uniquely ‘Southern’ thing and I’ve been to quite a few.  I have this vague memory of being at one where a guy had a stall set up to sell animals.  I remembering seeing snakes.  I have no idea how many years ago that was.

Flea Market at Ave A and 11th Street 2

Flea Market at Ave A and 11th Street 3

Flea Market at Ave A and 11th Street 4

I asked around a bit and this flea market is set up once a week.  The space it covers is pretty big, which made me wonder how much each individual seller pays the lot owner for the time they spend there.

If I had more time and more space, I would probably pick up some of the things they sell there, specifically books.  I hardly have time to read the ones I have, though, given how much I read for classes I’m taking.  I also saw some bicycles near the front entrance.  I think I want to get bicycles for myself and my wife again.  It would be fun to ride around Central Park and the bike paths that go around Manhattan.  I don’t think I’d want to ride inside the city though and especially not on busy roads.  Too dangerous.

Guy posing for shot near flea market.
Guy posing for shot near flea market.

On the way out, this guy saw me taking photos and indicated that he wanted to post for the camera, so I humored him and I’m happy with how it came out.  He looks pretty slick.

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