Using Swine Flu to Sell Your Product

Swine Flu has to be the most covered and most talked about event in the last two years, and it’s not even that serious. From what I’ve read, the fatality rate is only 0.1%, which is less than the fatality rate of actual flu.

It’s a new disease though, and it’s in the media limelight, so everyone’s heard of it, and the more people hear about it and ask about it, the more the media covers it. I think it’s past the point of informing people and bordering on propaganda. Sure, people should be informed, but hasn’t it gone on long enough? I even question the extra scanners that have been set up at airports and such, if the swine flu isn’t even as bad as a regular flu.

Now, H1N1 is even being used to sell products! Dettol is a common cleaning agent company here, selling everything from hand soap to floor cleaner. The following pictures are from a can of disinfectant spray, similar to Lysol.

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Ah, it wasn't too expensive! Only 4 or 5 bucks!


Ok the question begs to be asked….

How much did you pay for that thing?


yeah this is true. there was even that rush to buy masks and thermometers that were way over its original price. opportunists thrive on times like these.


You said “Swine Flu has to be the most covered and most talked about event in the last two years”.. Really? I only heard about swine flu this year. Maybe here they talk about for few weeks, maybe a month or two… anyway, I totally agree. Even when the media started blowing up this story and people were so scared to wear a mask, I knew it's media driven and not an actual threat. And yea, that's what happens when they make the word 'swine flu' mainstream. They'll start using it for making money. Sad but true. Very good found… Read more »