Three Years Further On – An Anniversary Dedication

Three Year Anniversary Card
Three Year Anniversary Card

Today is kind of a tough day for me.  Three years ago, my wife and I got married in Singapore.  I still remember walking down the street, holding her hand for the first time as husband and wife.  I loved her then, with all of my heart, and now, after three years, I love her even more.

The reason today is tough, though, is because we aren’t together on our anniversary for the first time.  A year ago, we celebrated this special day in Manila in the Philippines.  The year before that, we celebrated in Singapore.  This year, we’re separated by thousands of miles, and it really just sucks the joy out of the occasion.  That’s not to say I’m not thankful for another anniversary, another year of having my wife in my life.

She’s an amazing woman. She’s my source of inspiration, my constant companion, and a source of motivation.  She’s dedicated, passionate, sweet and kind.  She’s a great cook.  She’s full of great ideas and fun to talk to.  She’s patient.  She’s practical.  She’s damn good looking too!  She’s really the best I could have hoped for and everything I need.

I won’t try to sum up everything she means to me in a blog post, but I want to say that I love her more and more with each passing day.  I can’t imagine life without her, and nothing brings me greater joy than knowing that soon we’ll be having coffee and sharing stories, going out and living our lives, together again.

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Soo Chwee

And soon it will be your 4th year! Congratulations.

Brad Farless

runningtindera: I'm glad you enjoyed the post. 😉 Joel: Thanks! rinaz: Thank you rinaz! Maesterr: If I weren't so far away, I'd have taken budget flights back too, but the 'cheap' tickets round-trip to the Philippines from New York City are about 1,400 USD. =( So, we figured it was best to just wait and use that money for something else. You're right about the communication. We have Internet. We can video and voice chat. I can call her on her phone. We share photos through Dropbox. We have Facebook, Twitter, and can read each others blogs. So, sometimes it's… Read more »


Happy Anniversary to you and the missus.

I am presently in a long distance relationship with my fiance too. He is in Perth whilst i am in Singapore. Although the distance is not as great as with your situation now (and thank God for budget flights), i still feel your pain.

So stay strong. Distance is but just a number if the communications line is still running. =)


Happy anniversary to you and Margee 🙂

Joel Nakar

grats man, it is very hard if you guys are separated with that distance, i wish you both strength and good fortunes for the years to come. happy aniversary to both of you.


🙂 (gushes)

Brad Farless

Thanks man.


Nice dedication.