The Return of Spring, by Jack Beal (2001) Glass Mosaic at Times Square Train Station

The Return of Spring, Glass Mosaic by Jack Beal at Times Square subway station.

I happened to see this glass mosaic when I came up the stairs from the 1, 2, and 3 train platform, heading towards the N, Q, and R train platform.  I’m surprised I’ve never seen it before, but the place is usually packed with people, so that’s probably why I overlooked it.

Times Square station is surprisingly drab, with a lot of uninspiring colors and unadorned walls.  You’d figure the place would be better decorated, if only to drive more tourism.  The plainness of the station really made the bright colors of this mural stand out.

This is the accompanying plaque, which is located on a central pillar in the middle of the hallway the mosaic is in:

The information plaque for Jack Beal's glass mosaic at Times Square station.

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Brad F.

I'm sure you will. It's in Times Square. We'll pass through there every so often.


wow i wanna see this!

Brad F.

Wow! You're right! It's amazing how quickly that happened!


I just did an image search for The Return of Spring by Jack Beal
and your picture was at the top of the list, here