The Dancing Jollibee Mascot

Jollibee is a fast food chain in the Philippines that’s reminiscent of McDonald’s.  It’s a burger joint, but it also serves a lot of traditional Filipino foods.  I’ll go more into that later.  What I wanted to show in this blog post is the mascot dancing.  I don’t remember ever seeing something like this in another country, but apparently Jollibee (the mascot) likes to dance at birthday parties and do ‘dance-offs’ with other mascots.  I don’t mean cheesy dancing either.  Here are two examples:

I used to wonder why people seemed so excited to have their kids’ birthday parties at a Jollibee, but I guess this explains it.  I bet your average Ronald McDonald can’t pull off those moves!

There are also a few Jollibee franchises in the US in California and I think New York, due to there being a lot of Filipinos in those areas.  I don’t know if the Jollibee mascots there dance like this though.  This might be a uniquely Filipino thing.

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Brad Farless

gerardded: I saw that video quite a while ago. I think my wife showed it to me. It's hilarious! I wonder if anyone got fired because of it?


jollibee even has a sex scandal would you believe?

Brad F.

That's weird. I could've sworn I replied to this days ago… Internet connection is really bad here sometimes.

Most mascots look pretty weird, and I'm not sure what they were thinking when they made that KFC mascot, but I think they did a pretty good job with Jollibee. It's also neat that he dances.


That family from the first clip (1:23).., awww, so cute. A close knitted family of three under an umbrella and a bicycle makes a good poster in Sg. 😉

That two mascots?!? Ewws! The white one looks like doughboy Pillsbury that gone wrong after an attempt of making a chicken pie and that Bee.., it's a mix of Laa-Laa and Po from an incestuous breed. I love teletubbies NOT! Scary!