Dashcam Video – Driving in NYC during Thursday’s Snowstorm

Last Thursday, I was out and about in the city, driving around. I run a dashcam, because you can really never be too safe. Plus, there’s always the chance that something consequential or bizarre will happen and get caught on camera. I didn’t expect the snowstorm to be as bad as it turned out toContinue reading “Dashcam Video – Driving in NYC during Thursday’s Snowstorm”

January 2016 Winter Blizzard

Earlier, 6:55 PM: So, we’re moving into a blizzard weekend. Two weeks of laundry to do, groceries to get. I thought we had until tomorrow afternoon, but now I’m checking the weather channel (online of course) and I see that we’re going to start getting snow around 11:30 PM here. Whiteout conditions, until sometime tomorrow.Continue reading “January 2016 Winter Blizzard”

Are We There Yet? When is Spring Coming?

This winter has been really long and unpleasant. Every time the snow on the ground is about to melt, we get hit with another snowstorm. This morning, I was excited that the weather was warming up. Today it got up to 54 (a heat wave!) and tomorrow it will be 53, but then I sawContinue reading “Are We There Yet? When is Spring Coming?”

Wine, Cheesecake and Winter Break

Today, my wife and I had a relaxing dinner at home followed by cheesecake and wine. The cheesecake is from Veniero’s Italian Pasticceria downtown on 11th Street and 1st Ave. The place is pretty famous and attracts a lot of tourists. It’s been there since 1874 and it lives up to its reputation. We usedContinue reading “Wine, Cheesecake and Winter Break”