The Snowpocalypse that Wasn’t (New York City, 2017)

Listening┬áto the news last weekend and last Monday, it sounded like disaster was imminent. Schools were shut down, public transit was suspended, and people were encouraged to remain at home if at all possible to avoid the life-threatening storm that was going to hit Monday night and continue through Tuesday. Like most of the newsContinue reading “The Snowpocalypse that Wasn’t (New York City, 2017)”

Winter Storm Jonas in Washington Heights, Manhattan, NYC

2016 Blizzard in New York CityWatch this video on YouTube My wife and I went out walking around in Winter Storm Jonas for a while, just to see what the blizzard was doing to the city. The last time there was a storm like this, we stayed indoors and by the time we went out,Continue reading “Winter Storm Jonas in Washington Heights, Manhattan, NYC”

January 2016 Winter Blizzard

Earlier, 6:55 PM: So, we’re moving into a blizzard weekend. Two weeks of laundry to do, groceries to get. I thought we had until tomorrow afternoon, but now I’m checking the weather channel (online of course) and I see that we’re going to start getting snow around 11:30 PM here. Whiteout conditions, until sometime tomorrow.Continue reading “January 2016 Winter Blizzard”