Fort Tryon Park and the Cloisters

My wife and I have been taking some time to go out for long walks while I’m not so swamped with classwork. Central Park is nice, but we live a lot closer to Fort Tryon Park, which is also an awesome place to visit. We can walk there from where we live and the parkContinue reading “Fort Tryon Park and the Cloisters”

The High Bridge Trail

The High Bridge, officially known as the Aqueduct Bridge, was originally used to bring water onto Manhattan Island from the Croton River. Construction began in 1837 and was completed in 1848. The bridge had the appearance of a Roman stone, arched aqueduct. In 1928, the bridge was rebuilt using steel construction that worked well forContinue reading “The High Bridge Trail”

Inspiration Point on the Hudson River Greenway

If you go up the Hudson River Greenway, between the 181st pedestrian footbridge and where the Greenway currently ends at the northern branch of Riverside Drive at the northern edge of Fort Tryon Park, you’ll find Inspiration Point. There’s no way to access Inspiration Point except by using the trail. There are no parking spotsContinue reading “Inspiration Point on the Hudson River Greenway”

Semi-Domestic Wild Deer in Fort Lee Historic Park, New Jersey

On Sunday, when my wife and I walked over the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey, we stopped by the Fort Lee Historic Park, which is right next to the bridge and offers a great view of the Hudson River and Manhattan, which, I suppose, was the reason the fort was originally built. We didn’tContinue reading “Semi-Domestic Wild Deer in Fort Lee Historic Park, New Jersey”