Marché at Vivocity: Mediocre and Expensive

About three weeks ago my wife and I went to Marché at Vivocity.  We’d seen the place quite a few times while at the mall and while passing through on our way to Sentosa, and we always thought about stopping there to eat but we never did.  It’s a long way from where we liveContinue reading “Marché at Vivocity: Mediocre and Expensive”

Coconut Cakes

I’ve posted about these before but it was a long time ago. These are treats you can get from a small push-cart vendor in Food Republic at Vivocity. They’re incredibly delicious but the reason I felt it was worth posting about again is that I found out that they’re Indonesian treats. The maid where weContinue reading “Coconut Cakes”

Kipling Bags

While my wife and I were out today, we had to pass through Vivocity Mall. The monorail going to Sentosa Island departs from there. Since we were there anyway, we decided to stop by the Kipling store to have a look at the bags. My wife has been talking about wanting a new Kipling bagContinue reading “Kipling Bags”

TAN’s Tu Tu Coconut Cake

Looking for something sweet to nibble on while you’re walking around Vivocity mall? Want a snack to enjoy while you’re sitting outside, enjoying the breeze and the wading pools? I really have to recommend that anyone who visits Vivocity stops by this stand and picks up some of these coconut cakes. They’re about the sizeContinue reading “TAN’s Tu Tu Coconut Cake”

National Geographic Store in Singapore

Last night my wife and I were at Vivocity mall at Harbourfront and we noticed that there was a new store, a National Geographic Store. In Singapore, there seems to be a specialty store for everything. I guess National Geographic is no exception. We went ahead and went inside to check it out and weContinue reading “National Geographic Store in Singapore”