Sony is trying to claim my content on YouTube violates their copyright!

I opened my e-mail this evening and found this message waiting for me:                                              help center | e-mail options | report spam Dear BradleyF81, Your video, Flexy Girls Performing on Orchard Road, may have content that is owned or licensed by Sony Music Entertainment. No action is required on your part; however, if youContinue reading “Sony is trying to claim my content on YouTube violates their copyright!”

Seriously Funny Singaporean Comedy From YouTube

This is some seriously funny stuff. I wasn’t sure about it at first, and you really have to pay attention to understand what’s being said, but you’ll be laughing by the end. You’ll have to understand something about Singapore culture and language to fully appreciate it, I think, but watch it anyhow. (If you’re lookingContinue reading “Seriously Funny Singaporean Comedy From YouTube”

My Thoughts on Redux, An Entertainment Portal

Like the title says, Redux is all about entertainment.  It does it well too.  It’s currently in a private beta, but I signed up for and received an invitation.  I’m not sure how limited the invites are, having picked mine up through a Mashable link, but it’s still a small community.  That small community isContinue reading “My Thoughts on Redux, An Entertainment Portal”

Old Man At Esplanade KKJ Concert Gets Dancing Fever!

This video came to my attention through Twitter via a friend (@LaiSan_C (sorry, locked profile!)). Apparently, this older guy got so into the music by this local Singapore band that he jumped up in front of the stage and started dancing.  The short of it is that none of this was organized or choreographed andContinue reading “Old Man At Esplanade KKJ Concert Gets Dancing Fever!”

Getting Your Kittens Adopted, Done Right

This is the right way to get your kittens adopted.  You post an ad on your local board, with a link to something like this: 3BLACK CATS PROMOWatch this video on YouTube I saw this, got hooked on the music and wound up taking in both Cat2 and Cat3.  The tune is so catchy thatContinue reading “Getting Your Kittens Adopted, Done Right”