Marble Took a Trip to the Vet Today!

I have three cats: Marble, Dapper and Thumper.  When I leave for the US next week Marble is going to be coming with me, while the other two remain in the Philippines to keep my wife company.  Obviously, you can’t just show up at the airport with your cat and expect to hop on theContinue reading “Marble Took a Trip to the Vet Today!”

Preparing the Cats for Immunization

With my upcoming move, I’m working on getting my cats ready for export.  It’s a long and annoying process that’s adding stress to an already stressful situation, but luckily things are working out fairly well for us so far on that front. First off, some kind people were willing to donate funds towards helping myContinue reading “Preparing the Cats for Immunization”

The “Kets” (Cats)

It was brought to my attention that it’s been quite some time since my furry little friends got to sit in the spotlight here on my blog, so this post is dedicated to them! We moved recently, and any move affects not only the owners, but the pets as well. Singapore is an interesting placeContinue reading “The “Kets” (Cats)”

Poor Dapper, I Took Her Horny

Dapper’s Coming of Age Shortly after returning from a trip to the Philippines at the beginning of last March, our eldest cat, Dapper, went into heat for the first time.  For anyone unfamiliar with the term, it means her hormones kicked into overdrive, turned her into a little hornball and caused her to be non-stopContinue reading “Poor Dapper, I Took Her Horny”