A Dance Parade, Protesters, Painters & People Stealing Garbage

Today, there were all sorts of things going on in Union Square. We just happened to be walking through and saw a crazy guy dancing, another crazy guy stealing a bag of garbage from a public trash can, had a conversation with a guy that wants to make it big as an artist, and thenContinue reading “A Dance Parade, Protesters, Painters & People Stealing Garbage”

Clarke’s Standard (replaced goodburger at Union Square)

It was with great regret that my wife and I saw that goodburger at Union Square had closed. We used to eat there frequently because the food was good, fairly quick, and it was convenient. It was somewhere between McDonald’s and Wendy’s, which was too junky, and a sit-down, pricey restaurant. Not that it wasn’tContinue reading “Clarke’s Standard (replaced goodburger at Union Square)”