The Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Photo Galleries)

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Map Last month on the 29th my wife and I went to the Brooklyn Museum. Since we were there, we decided we should take a look at the Botanic Gardens, which are right next door. It wasn’t really the season for it. The place is supposed to be a lot nicer whenContinue reading “The Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Photo Galleries)”

Singapore is Blooming!

Over the weekend while my wife and I were on the MRT green line we noticed that the trees are starting to bloom with large white and pink blossoms.  You can see it especially well between Pasir Ris and Tampines MRT stations.  It’s definitely no sakura blossom viewing event, but it’s still attractive.  I wasn’tContinue reading “Singapore is Blooming!”

Orchard Road’s Birds

A post about birds doesn’t sound exciting, but when I say there are birds in the trees, I mean there are birds in the trees on the scale of Alfred Hitchcock’s old movie, The Birds. “Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds in 1:40” As you walk down Orchard Road you can hear them up there.  It soundsContinue reading “Orchard Road’s Birds”