Review: Hei Sushi @ Downtown East

After having a great time watching Clash of the Titans my wife and I walked down to the lower level of Downtown East to look around and decide on dinner.  We hadn’t eaten at Hei Sushi before and the conveyor belt full of sushi looked pretty appealing, so we got in line and waited toContinue reading “Review: Hei Sushi @ Downtown East”

Sakura, Delicious Buffet

Sakura is a sushi and grill buffet style restaurant.  Typically, when a person says a restaurant is not to be missed it’s really classy or has a great signature dish, but in this case Sakura is all around great food at a reasonable price.  You pay 25 SGD at the door, are shown to aContinue reading “Sakura, Delicious Buffet”

The “Kets” (Cats)

It was brought to my attention that it’s been quite some time since my furry little friends got to sit in the spotlight here on my blog, so this post is dedicated to them! We moved recently, and any move affects not only the owners, but the pets as well. Singapore is an interesting placeContinue reading “The “Kets” (Cats)”