Riverside Drive Photowalk

My wife and I recently moved uptown to the Washington Heights area. I can’t tell you how great it is to be out of the Lower East Side. I’m sure that may sound odd, since the Lower East Side is the hip and happening place to be, but it’s also noisy as hell, full ofContinue reading “Riverside Drive Photowalk”

The Homeless in New York City

New York City has always had homeless people.  Ever since I can remember I’ve seen homeless people in the streets here in New York.  They used to be a lot more obvious.  You’d see them laid up in doorways or in front of store windows.  Since then, the police have become more active in roundingContinue reading “The Homeless in New York City”

Children Selling Cigarettes in the Philippines

I was sitting on that same second floor window where I saw the girl with the bag that said “Use Me” when I saw something else interesting.  Does this count as child exploitation?  Isn’t there a law against it?  Maybe there isn’t.  It seems like labor regulation is pretty loose in the Philippines, which canContinue reading “Children Selling Cigarettes in the Philippines”