The Tupelo Elvis Experience

Between semesters, my wife and I went to Tupelo, Mississippi to visit some friends who are about to move abroad for a few years. I didn’t know anything about Tupelo before planning the trip. I had to look the place up on a map just to figure out where it is. Tupelo isn’t a largeContinue reading “The Tupelo Elvis Experience”

The Andy Monument at Union Square

Andy Warhol, born Andrew Warhola, Jr., was an American painter, printmaker and filmmaker and a leading figure in the pop art movement.  His monument stands at the Northwest corner of Union Square outside Petco.  I’m not going to pretend to know anything about Andy Warhol, but his wikipedia entry says one of his paintings soldContinue reading “The Andy Monument at Union Square”

“The Three-Headed Male Figure”—African Art (Kuyu)

You may remember last week I posted about the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s bizarre laptop policy.  This post is about the reason I was there.  I had to write an essay for my 100 level Art History class on either a Greek, Indian, Egyptian or Sub-Saharan African sculpture from the museum.  You’ll notice in theContinue reading ““The Three-Headed Male Figure”—African Art (Kuyu)”


This artfully rendered version of Pegasus, the mythological flying horse, was created by students (I imagine the art majors) from the University of Santo Tomas and is on display in Gateway mall in Cubao, Manila. I thought it would be fitting to post this today, as a scheduled post, since I’ll be flying myself, likelyContinue reading “Pegashoes”