An old man holding a sign that reads “YougoHell”

Yesterday (Tuesday, December 12th), I was surprised to see this man standing on the corner of 137th Street and Hamilton Place in Harlem, Manhattan, just down the hill from the City College of New York CUNY and P.S. 325, a public elementary school.

When I walked up to the corner, a man standing by the vendor cart that’s usually there at the base of the hill selling drinks and snacks was screaming at this old guy, “No! You go to Hell!”  I couldn’t hear what the old man was saying clearly because I had headphones on, but I imagine he was saying, “No, you!” or something like that.  I don’t know if the guy was seriously offended by the old man’s sign, or if he was just doing it to agitate the old guy.

More than anything, I was wondering what happened that made this guy do this?  And who is his intended audience?  The only real foot traffic in the area that’s constant all day long is the flow of students to and from CCNY.  So, does he equate higher learning with sin?  And if he does, what higher learning it?  All of it, or just the social sciences and humanities?  And if he condemns all education, then … well, it would be ironic since he knows how to read and write, so I’m sure it’s something more specific than that.  It had to be personal though.  He wasn’t handing out literature like the religious dealers that peddle pamphlets using signs that threaten eternal torture.

He wasn’t there today.  At least, not when I walked through there.  I’d never seen him before, either.  I’m really not surprised.  This is New York City after all.  There’s always someone screaming about the apocalypse, screaming at someone, screaming at an imaginary person, etc. etc.  At least he had his pants on.

A Simple Solution To Avoid Having To Repeat Yourself

A solution to avoid having to repeat yourself.

My mother’s apartment building has a security desk at the door, which is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, rain or shine, etc., etc.  Since there’s always a guard sitting there, rather than taking the time to check their mail by finding their key and opening the box, people constantly asked if the mailman had come by yet.  This building houses (rough guess) at least 300 people.  Now imagine if, say, 50 of those people asked you every day if the mailman had come by yet.  Irritating, right?

So, one of the guards came up with this simple solution.  She wrote the question on a piece of paper, tacked it on the wall, and then created a reversible Yes/No sign to hang on the wall.

The only thing that reduces the effectiveness of this solution is that this building houses a group of people who are blind, and I don’t see any braille on that paper.

Street Signs: Gays and Boys Wanted (Apply Incide) [sic]

Boys and Gays Wanted

I found this sign outside a retail store in Antipolo here in the Philippines.  I can only imagine the PR shit storm something like this would cause in the US.  I wonder what it is exactly that they need boys and gays for.  It doesn’t exactly come across as being on the up and up.

Also, I wonder if being gay and a boy would guarantee being hired?