Coronavirus Journal: Day 34 – Disconnecting from the news, cheap lunches, and deerlingo

So, I’ve reached the point now where I’m not checking the case and death figures as often because the numbers have gotten so high that it’s really hard to think about that in terms of trying to make it real. You know what I mean? You can picture a few hundred people, but when youContinue reading “Coronavirus Journal: Day 34 – Disconnecting from the news, cheap lunches, and deerlingo”

A little more corona madness

I was downtown in the East Village this afternoon. I was a little excited to see what was happening down there. I also had to get a power cable we need for a work monitor and I wanted to drop some stuff off at my Mom’s place. I keep going outside with this expectation thatContinue reading “A little more corona madness”

January 2016 Winter Blizzard

Earlier, 6:55 PM: So, we’re moving into a blizzard weekend. Two weeks of laundry to do, groceries to get. I thought we had until tomorrow afternoon, but now I’m checking the weather channel (online of course) and I see that we’re going to start getting snow around 11:30 PM here. Whiteout conditions, until sometime tomorrow.Continue reading “January 2016 Winter Blizzard”

Excuse Me. Have you seen these droids?

The missus and I have been so busy over the last few weeks that it seems like we’ve hardly had a moment to just sit down and stare relax.  I think about it sometimes.  Just going out to the park, sitting down and watching people walk by, watching the squirrels, and enjoying the sights andContinue reading “Excuse Me. Have you seen these droids?”