Don’t Use Sprint if You Want to Own Your iPhone

Just an FYI. Don’t get #Sprint. When you finish your 2 year contract, they won’t unlock your iPhone 4s for domestic use on other networks. They also won’t lower your bill after your phone is paid off and you by all rights own it completely. And they’ll tell you some bogus story about how it’sContinue reading “Don’t Use Sprint if You Want to Own Your iPhone”

Scammer Smurf and Friends

I should have known better, but while my wife and I were out today, I managed to get us stuck in a tourist trap.  We were in Times Square, waiting to meet up with family for lunch at Olive Garden and I saw a person dressed up as a Smurf, so I asked my wifeContinue reading “Scammer Smurf and Friends”

Friends Don’t Ask Friends To Do MLM

I’ve always thought that people, in general, were too smart to get involved in MLM schemes, especially given how much information is available about the deceptive nature of the practice.  If you’ve heard of MLM, you’ve heard that it’s a scam, and you should be too smart to fall for it.  It’s not that hardContinue reading “Friends Don’t Ask Friends To Do MLM”

Opportunistic Freelance Filipino Parking Attendants

That’s the best way I could think of to describe this particular practice in the Philippines. The guy in red is trying to direct cars on how and where to park at the McDonald’s I was in when I took the photo. Depending on where you go, there might be a parking lot available forContinue reading “Opportunistic Freelance Filipino Parking Attendants”

“You Will Die!” … Over 20 Philippine Pesos

Something I’ve been having issues with since coming to the Philippines earlier this month (and really on every trip to the Philippines before this) is being overcharged.  You can get around that by going to stores where the prices are clearly marked on the items before buying them, but then you miss out on allContinue reading ““You Will Die!” … Over 20 Philippine Pesos”