Scary Guy with Cherry-Red Eyes at Rite Aid

My wife and I went to Rite Aid earlier to pick up some supplies for the week and while we were pondering the cat food choices this guy walked up to us and said to my wife, “Excuse me miss, do you know where the pad locks are? The locks that spin, that turn, with the combinations. Do you know where those are?”

We looked over at the guy and we both took a step back from him. He looked rough. Homeless maybe. His clothes were really worn out and sort of dirty looking. His speech was slurred and hard to understand. What startled us, however, was the fact that the whites of his eyes weren’t white; they were hot red, like maraschino cherries. He was also gesturing wildly and was leaning towards us in a weird aggressive sort of way, but not like he wanted to rob us. It was more like he believed we knew where the padlocks were and if he wasn’t forceful enough in asking us, we would hide the answer from him.

A lot of things ran through my head: ‘What’s wrong with him and is it communicable?’ being the foremost. I also started forming ideas about how to push him away while coming into the least amount of physical contact with him should he suddenly go nuts. Maybe that was just a reaction from having watched so many sci fi movies (zombies, rage virus, Helix, etc.) but you never know what might happen these days, especially if someone is so sick their eyes are literally red. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

The way people are doing experiments with viruses and DNA and genetic modification, it’s not impossible for something dangerous to get out in the wild (the general population of humans) anyway. I suppose you have to expect that sort of thing to happen these days, the same way we sort of expect the government to always be two steps from having a new lie and scandal uncovered.

The fact that he was disoriented was even more troubling. When my wife told him we didn’t know where the locks were, he walked away and we saw him stalking up and down the aisles asking other people about padlocks. I just hope that whatever he has isn’t contagious. I have better things to do with my time than lose my mind and wander around stores looking for padlocks.

Rite Aid Hired Professional Graffiti Artists to Redecorate Exterior for Grand Re-Opening

Just up the road from us there’s a Rite Aid. The place looked pretty sleazy when we first moved in, but over the last few weeks they really fixed the place up. It looks modern and new and doesn’t have that cramped, dirty feel to it anymore. In addition to fixing up the outside of the store, the management decided to turn the dingy, yellowing paint on the exterior of the building into something fresh and new.

We walked up on these guys spray painting the outside of the building in the evening. It seems as though they were given a lot of freedom in their choices, but they did have to redo a portion of their mural which contained a space ship. Apparently, that wasn’t what the Rite Aid management was aiming for.

The finished product is pretty cool. I wonder if people are doing this outside of New York City now, and especially down south? I don’t remember graffiti being recognized as art or encouraged down there. Not that anyone in Georgia was painting murals like this, or anything on par with most of the graffiti in New York City, anyway.