Maybe Laptop Prices in Singapore Weren’t That Good After All?

My aunt’s mother says that if you can’t find it at Walmart, you don’t need it, and you really could live by that.  A Super Walmart has groceries, clothes, electronics, and even car parts and it’s all sold for low, low, sometimes ridiculously low prices.  I remember when I was younger I didn’t like theContinue reading “Maybe Laptop Prices in Singapore Weren’t That Good After All?”

Wal Mart Pricing. Win or Fail?

I was looking through the electronics section at Wal Mart and noticed the prices on the 320 gb and 500 gb Seagate external hard drives are a little weird: Maybe one price is wrong, or maybe they’re really charging the same amount for both hard drives.  Who knows?  Regardless, I know I’d rather get aContinue reading “Wal Mart Pricing. Win or Fail?”

Shopping in Singapore

One of the things you might often here myself or my wife saying as we walk along the aisles in a store or supermarket is “It costs how much?!” One of the hardest things for me to get used to is the difference in the value of the currency. So, costs initially seem high toContinue reading “Shopping in Singapore”

Is Starbucks Really That Great?

I used to be a pretty big fan of Starbucks.  I would stop by one when I had time, or when I happened to be near close-by, to get a cup of “fancy” coffee.  I didn’t go often, because of the price, and because there usually wasn’t one that close to where I lived. WhatContinue reading “Is Starbucks Really That Great?”

Beer & Cigarettes in Singapore

Differences in prices between locations is nothing new to me, but I was shocked to see the price of alcohol and tobacco products in Singapore. I spent most of the years I lived in the US in the southern states, where prices are more reasonable, due to lower taxes. I won’t go into the “whenContinue reading “Beer & Cigarettes in Singapore”