Happy Chanukah!

This is a bit delayed, it being the fourth night of Chanukah, but better late than never! I saw this poster hanging in the lobby of my mother’s apartment building when we went to visit her for Thanksgiving. I wasn’t aware there were enough Jewish tenants living there for the management to recognize the holiday.Continue reading “Happy Chanukah!”

My Cat vs Human “True Love” Poster

A few months ago I started regularly reading a web comic called Cat vs Human.  It’s really crazy just how closely Yasmine Surovec’s experiences with her boyfriend and her cats mirrors mine and my wife’s experiences.  Her insight into cat behavior and the strange situations that arise from letting cats into your household and intoContinue reading “My Cat vs Human “True Love” Poster”

Namie Amuro’s Coke Zero Ads

Once known as the “Teen Queen” and referred to as the “Queen of Japanese Pop Music”, Amuro Namie is a singer, entertainer and former actress.  She started out young, debuting as an idol in a group called the Super Monkey’s (that’s a fun name!) at the age of 14.  She’s one of the longest survivingContinue reading “Namie Amuro’s Coke Zero Ads”

Tampines (Edit: Pasir Ris) Library Groups Cats in With Roaches and Rats On Poster

This poster is on display in the Tampines Pasir Ris Public Library branch.  While I wholeheartedly agree with the message, that it takes everyone to keep the city clean, I disagree with the images used to portray the negative consequences. This poster implies that cats are disgusting pests, on the same level as roaches and diseaseContinue reading “Tampines (Edit: Pasir Ris) Library Groups Cats in With Roaches and Rats On Poster”