International Thai Boxing. TONIGHT!

Unfortunately this is one event we didn’t get to see, this time around anyway. What we did see (and hear) were the boxers riding around on the tops of trucks.  There was a recording playing, lauding the boxer and his achievements and informing onlookers of when the next show would be held.  Louder and moreContinue reading “International Thai Boxing. TONIGHT!”

The Food in Phuket (Part 2)

Nicky’s Handlebar Pretty close to where we were staying there was a restaurant called Nicky’s Handlebar.  As you can probably guess, it was a biker type bar.  It was decorated with a ton of Harley Davidson paraphernalia. This was my favorite item in the place: Anyhow, the atmosphere was great.  It had the right look.Continue reading “The Food in Phuket (Part 2)”

The Food in Phuket (Part 1)

One of the best parts about this trip was running around town finding different foods to eat.  While we were there we ate at quite a few different restaurants, not all of them Thai.  I think we probably could have found better food if we’d gone to a less touristy part of Thailand, but weContinue reading “The Food in Phuket (Part 1)”

Thai Ladyboys At The Simon Cabaret

One of the main attractions of the Phuket area is the Simon Cabaret’s Ladyboy show. Yup, ladyboys. We’d seen a few of them walking around the town.  We even saw a white guy walking down the street holding hands with one.  I don’t know if the guy knew he was with a ladyboy, but heContinue reading “Thai Ladyboys At The Simon Cabaret”