Use it til it Breaks

I went up to 181st Street today to drop off a return at UPS. A book I ordered from Amazon didn’t arrive in time so I had no use for it and figured I might as well get my money back. I love Amazon’s return policies. The refund was processed as soon as the itemContinue reading “Use it til it Breaks”

Mostly Naked People and Huge Crowds at Times Square

Last Thursday night my wife and I went downtown to meet up with an old friend who was in town for the week and we decided to walk through Times Square to take some photos. You know, the tourist thing. I even bought a few “I Love NY” magnets at a souvenir shop. Times SquareContinue reading “Mostly Naked People and Huge Crowds at Times Square”

Man At Astor Place Dancing With a Bra on His Head

Just another day in New York City’s Astor Place, right? Wait?  Is that a guy with a bra on his head? Why yes, yes it is.   This guy slowly took off his clothing while doing a very unusual dance that resembled a combination of a swimming, robot, and peek-a-boo dance.  I’m not sure whyContinue reading “Man At Astor Place Dancing With a Bra on His Head”

People Hanging Out At Union Square

There’s almost always something going on at Union Square, and even when there isn’t, there are still crowds of people there.  The warmer the weather gets, the more people there are.  I imagine quite a few of them are NYU students from the nearby dorms, but there were also people hanging out on the grass,Continue reading “People Hanging Out At Union Square”