Aggressive Bicyclists Are Disregarding Laws And Endangering Pedestrians

This evening while my wife and I were walking to the hawker for dinner, we were almost run down by a bicyclist.  We had stopped at the cross walk in front of Loyang Secondary School in Pasir Ris and waited for the pedestrian light to change to green.  When it did, we glanced quickly rightContinue reading “Aggressive Bicyclists Are Disregarding Laws And Endangering Pedestrians”

Bicyclists Vs Pedestrians, Battle For The Pavement

Practise Zero Impact pavement riding, meaning you ride with minimal disruption to the pedestrians walking there. By the way, pavement riding is illegal in Singapore, but it is not enforced strictly. On the Tampines Pavement Riding Scheme, an experiment where cyclists are allowed to ride on widened paths together with pedestrians, they have started toContinue reading “Bicyclists Vs Pedestrians, Battle For The Pavement”

Sharing Sidewalks

About a year ago when I first moved here I saw some advertisements about an initiative that the Tampines Town Council was starting that would allow bicyclists to share the sidewalk with pedestrians. To the point of being a cliche, it’s common knowledge that in Asia, bicycles are used as a major form of transportation,Continue reading “Sharing Sidewalks”