The 51st Celebrate Israel Day Parade

When I mentioned that we went to see the Philippines Day Parade, I noted that the Israel Day Parade was on a different day this year. We did go see that too, but I didn’t say much about it because we didn’t stay that long. I like the idea of the Celebrate Israel parade becauseContinue reading “The 51st Celebrate Israel Day Parade”

50th Annual Celebrate Israel Parade

My wife and I went to the 50th annual Celebrate Israel Parade on 5th Avenue on the 1st. It was a lot of fun. I was particularly struck by the amount of pride and patriotism that the participants displayed. It stands in stark contrast to the attitude Americans seem to have about America. We didn’tContinue reading “50th Annual Celebrate Israel Parade”

A Dance Parade, Protesters, Painters & People Stealing Garbage

Today, there were all sorts of things going on in Union Square. We just happened to be walking through and saw a crazy guy dancing, another crazy guy stealing a bag of garbage from a public trash can, had a conversation with a guy that wants to make it big as an artist, and thenContinue reading “A Dance Parade, Protesters, Painters & People Stealing Garbage”

2010 New York City Halloween Parade Pictures

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!  I spent my evening out on 6th avenue watching the annual Halloween Parade, which is said to be the largest Halloween event in the country.  I’ve gone to see it once before, in 2007 when I was here in the city on leave from Kuwait to visit family.Continue reading “2010 New York City Halloween Parade Pictures”

Chingay Fiesta Tampines 2010 Floats

My wife and I went to Tampines 1 last night to have dinner at Manpuku.  There’s a stall there called Hokkaido Aoba Ramen that’s really, really good!  We always get the Sho-yu Cha-shu Ramen and a side of wafu gyoza. Anyhow, on the way in we noticed that the field by Tampines 1 and theContinue reading “Chingay Fiesta Tampines 2010 Floats”