Night Sky Scenes by Spray Paint

Tonight while my wife and I were by the Tampines MRT station I saw this sign and since I have a blog on Blogspot I stopped to check it out.

I spoke to him briefly and he said he had recently returned from a trip to New Zealand and was getting back into painting.  He does his artwork in public to gain free publicity.  He makes paintings using stencils, frisbees, spray paint and a few other odds and ends.  I saw him use a sponge brush and a little scraper looking tool that I don’t know the name of.

The guy’s stuff is pretty good.  I like the designs he chooses to make.  In a way each one is unique, since it’s done by hand.  When I visited his site though, I saw that he makes more than one copy of each and sells it, so if you buy from him your copy won’t be the only one in circulation.  That’s kind of a buzz kill.  Part of the thrill of buying a piece of art is knowing that you have something that’s one of a kind.  On the other hand, the prices are fairly reasonable considering they’re each done by hand.

If you’re interested, here’s a handy link to his site: NightSkyPaintings.

Also, you can watch the video embedded below to watch him create one of his pieces.  It’s not the whole process obviously, but you get to see him lay out the basic parts of the painting and then start on the detail work.  It’s really quite interesting to watch how he does it and the piece he was working on is very nice too.