The Med at Orchard Central, Almost Ready For Business

At the beginning of November my wife and I went to Orchard Road to look at the Christmas decorations.  While we were there we walked through Orchard Central.  A lot of the good decorations are inside the malls after all!  While we were exploring, we noticed that the very bottom level of Orchard Central wasContinue reading “The Med at Orchard Central, Almost Ready For Business”

Trattoria Italian Restaurant at 313 @ Somerset

A few months ago I was complaining that I hadn’t been able to find decent pizza in Singapore, but I think that quest has finally ended. You may be thinking that Singapore has Pizza Hut, but that doesn’t do it for me.  Even in the US I think Pizza Hut is gross.  The stuff isContinue reading “Trattoria Italian Restaurant at 313 @ Somerset”

Orchard Central Looks A Lot Better Than I Remember

On Sunday night, as part of our tour along Orchard, my wife and I looked through Orchard Central.  The lighted escalators on the end closer to Dhoby Ghaut Interchange kind drew us in.  It had been quite a while since we’d gone in there.  I visited it once right after it opened and my wifeContinue reading “Orchard Central Looks A Lot Better Than I Remember”

Orchard Central Mall in Singapore

Saturday evening my wife and I were wandering down Orchard Road.  We didn’t have any real goal in mind.  We just wanted to be out of the house for a while and take in the sights.  Orchard Road is usually pretty interesting.  I’ve seen everything from centurions to acrobats to musicians there. While walking downContinue reading “Orchard Central Mall in Singapore”