Winter Storm Jonas in Washington Heights, Manhattan, NYC

2016 Blizzard in New York CityWatch this video on YouTube My wife and I went out walking around in Winter Storm Jonas for a while, just to see what the blizzard was doing to the city. The last time there was a storm like this, we stayed indoors and by the time we went out,Continue reading “Winter Storm Jonas in Washington Heights, Manhattan, NYC”

January 2016 Winter Blizzard

Earlier, 6:55 PM: So, we’re moving into a blizzard weekend. Two weeks of laundry to do, groceries to get. I thought we had until tomorrow afternoon, but now I’m checking the weather channel (online of course) and I see that we’re going to start getting snow around 11:30 PM here. Whiteout conditions, until sometime tomorrow.Continue reading “January 2016 Winter Blizzard”

Amazon Prime Offline Viewing on the Subway

So, I was on the train today enjoying the fact that I can watch TV shows on my iPad using Amazon Prime. I’ve always wished I could download shows on Netflix and watch them offline while I ride the subway here in New York City, but that was never an option. Amazon seems to haveContinue reading “Amazon Prime Offline Viewing on the Subway”

Use it til it Breaks

I went up to 181st Street today to drop off a return at UPS. A book I ordered from Amazon didn’t arrive in time so I had no use for it and figured I might as well get my money back. I love Amazon’s return policies. The refund was processed as soon as the itemContinue reading “Use it til it Breaks”