COVID-19 Social Impact in New York City

I was thinking about the ways that the COVID-19 experience has changed the way we live our lives in New York City. Beyond the obvious continued closures I mean. As a kid, when I would come here to visit family, the crowds and noise were part of the appeal. Staying up late and seeing andContinue reading “COVID-19 Social Impact in New York City”

Coronavirus Journal: Day 18

The more I read about the coronavirus impact in the United States and here in New York City in particular, the less inclined I feel to go outside if I can avoid it. I think the numbers below speak for themselves: That’s about a 1% death rate here in New York City. I think theContinue reading “Coronavirus Journal: Day 18”

Coronavirus Journal: Day 17 of State of Emergency

I was reading the news yesterday and I saw that Cuomo had come down to New York City over the weekend and had expressed some concern over the numbers of people that were gathering in city parks in close proximity to each other. Like I predicted, he threatened to shut down the parks if peopleContinue reading “Coronavirus Journal: Day 17 of State of Emergency”

Looks like business as usual in New York City

You look at what Governor Cuomo is saying, and especially Mayor De Blasio, and you’d think that death is literally stalking the streets, as if it would be like this if you went outside: But instead, it’s almost like nothing is going on at all. I think people are mostly not traveling out of theirContinue reading “Looks like business as usual in New York City”

A little more corona madness

I was downtown in the East Village this afternoon. I was a little excited to see what was happening down there. I also had to get a power cable we need for a work monitor and I wanted to drop some stuff off at my Mom’s place. I keep going outside with this expectation thatContinue reading “A little more corona madness”