Importing Your Cats To The Philippines From Singapore

Note: Most recently updated with new information on March 12, 2019. I very much hope that this proves to be a useful resource for anyone trying to get their pets out of Singapore and/or into the Philippines. The process of importing cats from Singapore to the Philippines can seem like a lot of trouble, andContinue reading “Importing Your Cats To The Philippines From Singapore”

Corruption in the Philippines

I was told that in the Philippines, making money depends on how inventive you are, and how entreprenuerial you can be.  The average salary in the Philippines doesn’t count for much when converted to almost any other foreign currency, and most salaries in the Philippines don’t count for much there either.  This is especially trueContinue reading “Corruption in the Philippines”

Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila, Philippines

NAIA has to be the worst airport I’ve ever been in and I’ll tell you why. The physical appearance of the airport itself is a joke. From my experience, the airport is the first impression a traveler gets of the place he’s going, and if Manila wants to promote the image of a modernizing, world-classContinue reading “Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila, Philippines”