People Who Put Their Shoes on the Seats in Trains and Buses

I really don’t get why people do this. Do they think it’s cute? Or do they just not care that other people will want to sit on the seats without getting filth from the streets on their clothing? I’m guessing both. This was one of four times I saw someone do this in a singleContinue reading “People Who Put Their Shoes on the Seats in Trains and Buses”

Singapore Ez-link Card Stickers

My wife and I were looking through some of our old photos together and we happened to see these: They’re not just cards with pictures.  I know in the US you can get something like that as a sort of collectible, but these are actually stickers on top of ez-link cards from Singapore.  You see,Continue reading “Singapore Ez-link Card Stickers”

Voice of the MRT on Accents and Singlish

I found this video on another American in Singapore’s blog.  She was doing a post on the voice behind the MRT announcements which was really neat.  Seeing the person behind the MRT voice was entertaining, but I also appreciated the first part of the video. She makes it clear that she doesn’t approve of theContinue reading “Voice of the MRT on Accents and Singlish”

Getting Around In Singapore (Transportation)

One of the first thing a person wants to know when they move somewhere is how they’re going to get around.  Singapore’s got you covered on that one.  It has one of the best public transportation systems I’ve ever seen and there are sidewalks and walking bridges everywhere.  Here are some details: The Bus: TheContinue reading “Getting Around In Singapore (Transportation)”