Reading Response re: The Nanjing Massacre

Image (above): The Great Nanjing Massacre, Zi Jian Li, 1992   Mitter, China’s War with Japan: 119-140. Primary Source: “The Rape of Nanking: Bearing Witness, The Nanjing ‘Murder Race,’” in The Search for Modern China: A Documentary Collection (1999): 324-30. Mark Eykholt, “Aggression, Victimization, and Chinese Historiography of the Nanjing Massacre,” in The Nanjing Massacre inContinue reading “Reading Response re: The Nanjing Massacre”

Deir Yassin and the Flight of the Palestinians

This is a paper I wrote for an undergraduate history course called Modern Middle East.  I was taking a very involved course on the Arab-Israeli Conflict at the same time, so my papers for the Modern Middle East class focused on Palestine and Israel as well.  The paper was given 15/15 points.  I’d like toContinue reading “Deir Yassin and the Flight of the Palestinians”

In Regards To The Philippines Massacre in Maguindanao

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard the news about the massacre in the Philippines, in Maguindanao.  59 people (as of 1:18 AM November 27th SGT) were killed for political reasons.  The short of it is that a local “clan”, the Ampatuans, has been running the area warlord style for years.  A localContinue reading “In Regards To The Philippines Massacre in Maguindanao”