The Great Cat Reunion and Christmas in Georgia

For the week of Christmas, my wife and I flew down to Georgia to visit relatives. It was the first time I’d been there in about two years. It was really nice to get out of the city, see my family and relax. Going around town, looking at the places I went to school, theContinue reading “The Great Cat Reunion and Christmas in Georgia”

Marble’s Memorial Day Adventure

Being a Singaporean cat, Marble hasn’t had the opportunity to celebrate any American holidays until she immigrated to the US this year. It was with great excitement that she oversaw the grilling operations at my mom’s place. Yup!  This is what she was waiting for!  Shrimp and chicken. =) She had her own bowl.  That’sContinue reading “Marble’s Memorial Day Adventure”

Welcome To New York City, Marble!

This is another post about Marble, the cat I brought with me to New York City and gave to my mom.  She’s done quite a bit of traveling and this last trip was hard on her, because she was in the plane for so long, but now she’s adjusting quite nicely.  She seems to notContinue reading “Welcome To New York City, Marble!”

Marble Took a Trip to the Vet Today!

I have three cats: Marble, Dapper and Thumper.  When I leave for the US next week Marble is going to be coming with me, while the other two remain in the Philippines to keep my wife company.  Obviously, you can’t just show up at the airport with your cat and expect to hop on theContinue reading “Marble Took a Trip to the Vet Today!”

Our Cats Have Adjusted to the Philippines

For any of you that have been following my blog for a while you’ll know that I have cats and that they’re very much a part of the family.  We had cats the entire time we lived in Singapore and while some of them passed away due to illness or accident, we love them andContinue reading “Our Cats Have Adjusted to the Philippines”