Bible in Pop Culture Week 2: Batman and the Tower of Babel

Because September 17, 2016, is Batman Day (seriously), I decided to look for Biblical references relevant to this week’s reading in the Batman series of comics. There is a collected edition of Justice League of America, volumes 43 – 46, called “Tower of Babel” (2001). The title and some story elements are references to theContinue reading “Bible in Pop Culture Week 2: Batman and the Tower of Babel”

The Other Within: Can Muslims Be French?

Whether or not Muslims can be accepted into European countries as more than just itinerant travelers, whether that is possible or even desirable, is a question that has been addressed by scholars, “talking heads,” politicians, and average citizens the world over. The situation of Muslims in European countries is difficult to generalize, because each countryContinue reading “The Other Within: Can Muslims Be French?”

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a great New Year’s Eve! My wife and I are staying home. We had a nice meal, we’re watching the live stream Chromecasted to our television and we’re going to enjoy a nice bottle of wine. Most importantly, we’re staying warm. It is extremely cold outside, and I can’t imagineContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

Analysis of the The Tower of Babel – Historical Perspective

The following is a paper I wrote for a Jewish Studies class I’m taking called “History of God.”  The point of the paper was to examine a set of verses from the Old Testament from a historical perspective, discussing what the verses reveal about the people it describes, or that wrote it.  This paper reliesContinue reading “Analysis of the The Tower of Babel – Historical Perspective”

Beginning Japanese and Beginning Japanese Workbook

I picked these books up in Singapore before leaving for the Philippines so I can start my adventure with learning the Japanese language.  I’ve also been using to help build vocabulary and familiarize myself with hiragana, katakana, and some basic kanji, but you can’t learn a language without understanding the grammar, conjugations and particles. Continue reading “Beginning Japanese and Beginning Japanese Workbook”