Differing Islamist Ideologies: Violence and Government

A short essay I wrote last year for an undergraduate history course on Islamist political movements: Modern media has tended to portray Islamist movements as a single entity with a single goal in mind: the establishment of an Islamic state. While it is true that establishing an Islamic state is the end goal, this simpleContinue reading “Differing Islamist Ideologies: Violence and Government”

Islamism and “The Yacoubian Building”

The following is a short essay I wrote about The Yacoubian Building for an undergraduate history course. In Alaa al Aswany’s book, The Yacoubian Building, Islamism and Islamists are primarily presented through the point of view of the character Taha El Shazli, the son of a doorman who lives on the roof of the YacoubianContinue reading “Islamism and “The Yacoubian Building””