Trail of Faces and a Chalk Dust Flower

There were plenty of people at Union Square yesterday with tables set up, trying to make a buck off of their artwork.  Two artists were using a method of making art that you can’t really buy and take home, though.  One guy was making a trail of faces on the pavement and another made aContinue reading “Trail of Faces and a Chalk Dust Flower”

Art Comparison: Qu’ran Manuscript and The Angel Gabriel

The following is the second paper I wrote for my Art History 100 class.  We were tasked with finding two art pieces in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and then writing a paper that compares and contrasts them based on form and content.  Our choices were restricted to certain art periodsContinue reading “Art Comparison: Qu’ran Manuscript and The Angel Gabriel”

New York City Graffiti and Wall Murals–Part 3

You may remember this guy.  He was in the last graffiti and wall murals post.  I only post it again because I wanted to mention that it was a good thing I took a photo of it when I did, during the winter when that tree had no leaves on it.  It’s going to beContinue reading “New York City Graffiti and Wall Murals–Part 3”

The Japan Society and “Bye Bye Kitty!”

Yesterday I went to the Japan Society on 47th Street here in Manhattan.  They were having a Concert for Japan, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Japan Relief Fund.  I knew I wasn’t going to get there early enough to secure tickets for any of the shows, but the admission fee for theContinue reading “The Japan Society and “Bye Bye Kitty!””

“The Three-Headed Male Figure”—African Art (Kuyu)

You may remember last week I posted about the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s bizarre laptop policy.  This post is about the reason I was there.  I had to write an essay for my 100 level Art History class on either a Greek, Indian, Egyptian or Sub-Saharan African sculpture from the museum.  You’ll notice in theContinue reading ““The Three-Headed Male Figure”—African Art (Kuyu)”