Welcome To New York City, Marble!

This is another post about Marble, the cat I brought with me to New York City and gave to my mom.  She’s done quite a bit of traveling and this last trip was hard on her, because she was in the plane for so long, but now she’s adjusting quite nicely.  She seems to notContinue reading “Welcome To New York City, Marble!”

Exporting Cats From the Philippines to the USA (via Delta Airlines)

Meet Marble.  Marble was born in Singapore, has lived in the Philippines and is sleeping in an armchair in Manhattan, New York City, in the above picture.  She’s an international cat and probably has more Sky Miles than most human beings.  She’s also a lucky cat, having started out her life as a stray underContinue reading “Exporting Cats From the Philippines to the USA (via Delta Airlines)”

Importing Your Cats To The Philippines From Singapore

Note: Most recently updated with new information on March 12, 2019. I very much hope that this proves to be a useful resource for anyone trying to get their pets out of Singapore and/or into the Philippines. The process of importing cats from Singapore to the Philippines can seem like a lot of trouble, andContinue reading “Importing Your Cats To The Philippines From Singapore”

Cat Export – Complete! But… Minor Disaster At The Airport!

So, the great saga of exporting cats from Singapore is now complete, but it ended in near disaster. Everything was going great.  We got up on time.  We got to the airport on time.  The Philippine Airlines attendants saw us in the line and pulled us into the business class line to have the catsContinue reading “Cat Export – Complete! But… Minor Disaster At The Airport!”

Cat Export Preparations Update #7

Monday night the AVA health certification was approved, so I immediately got online and made my payment.  I didn’t want to run into any hang-ups with my card not working properly in some scanner at a government office.  I didn’t have time to take chances. I did have time to sleep in a bit though. Continue reading “Cat Export Preparations Update #7”