Typhoon Conson Not So Bad, But Meralco Dropped the Ball

I just finished (sort of) my first experience with typhoons, and my first typhoon in the Philippines.  It has been, and is continuing to be, an interesting few days.  I don’t have any interesting photos to share, because there wasn’t really anything interesting to take photos of.  Honestly, this typhoon was no worse than theContinue reading “Typhoon Conson Not So Bad, But Meralco Dropped the Ball”

Typhoon Ondoy Aftermath, More Disaster

(Image via bardagols on Flickr) The aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy is turning into a huge disaster.  I’ve been hearing bits and pieces of news and I figured I’d try to put it all together here.  It’s very disheartening to say the least.  Of course, you can’t expect a lot of good news in the middleContinue reading “Typhoon Ondoy Aftermath, More Disaster”

Heroes of the Typhoon Ondoy Tragedy

Rice Photos via Flickr / CC BY 2.0 This is a photo of the Laguna area, roughly 60 km south of Manila. It’s not the exact location where the following events took place, but it’ll give you an idea of what the area looks like. Also, I found the sign in the image to beContinue reading “Heroes of the Typhoon Ondoy Tragedy”

Hurricane Ondoy. What the hell happened?

(Image Source: Times Online) Typhoon Ondoy is one of the worst disasters to hit the Philippines in years.  I believe I also read that this was the worst typhoon in 42 years.  It also raises a lot of questions about why there was so little warning, why there was such a poor response, and what’sContinue reading “Hurricane Ondoy. What the hell happened?”

Philippine President Arroyo’s Son Boozing It Up While Filipinos Are Dying? #Ondoy

While several of our countrymen were waiting to be rescued, Mikey Arroyo, the son of that Malacanang bitch was photographed buying liquor in Rustans in Katipunan. MAGSAMA KAYO NG NANAY MO, KUPAL KA!!! via Grachelle Bravo From everything I’ve heard I don’t have much faith in politicians in the Philippines. They’re nothing but a bunchContinue reading “Philippine President Arroyo’s Son Boozing It Up While Filipinos Are Dying? #Ondoy”