Settling In Update (with some good photos)

Everything has to be done in small steps, in increments.  When I got here to the Philippines I was throwing myself into the house renovations while trying to buy furniture, stock groceries and household items, find a job and figure out my visa all at once.  It’s great to be motivated, but it’s burning usContinue reading “Settling In Update (with some good photos)”

The Real Battle Begins Now!

We had that litterbox for two years. I’m sad to see it go because it’s really nice looking and you can’t find litterboxes like that in the Philippines.  Or at least, we couldn’t find one. Our last day in Singapore was a pretty exciting one.  We went downtown, saw menstrual blood splattered all over aContinue reading “The Real Battle Begins Now!”

House Cleaning Update!

The process of cleaning this house and doing repairs is going to take longer than expected.  The biggest time killer has been going into town and finding the best deals on materials like paints, cement, brushes, and other necessary items.  My in-law’s house is in a rural neighborhood in a valley between two mountains, outsideContinue reading “House Cleaning Update!”

Finally Making Some Progress Fixing Up My In-Law’s Place

So, in the last post I was talking about finally making some progress and that progress was seeing the first load of refuse being hauled away.  Both my mother-in-law and father-in-law have been collecting things, mostly junk for lack of a better word, for quite a few decades.  I’m talking rusty, broken knives, bits ofContinue reading “Finally Making Some Progress Fixing Up My In-Law’s Place”