Roti Paratha (prata?)

Just one of the many delicious dishes I’ve had the chance to enjoy since moving to Singapore. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Letting stereotypes pushed on you by the media influence the way you behave towards certain people is ridiculous and it could cost you some mighty good meals too! IfContinue reading “Roti Paratha (prata?)”

Do You Know What You’re Eating?

Sometimes I sure don’t.  There’s a buffet looking hawker stall near where we live.  I’m sure there’s one in almost every hawker center.  Anyhow, there is a wide range of choices, but there aren’t any labels telling you what the foods actually are. You just have to look, guess, hope and point.  Sometimes you makeContinue reading “Do You Know What You’re Eating?”

Amigos; Western Food

When I moved to Asia I knew I was going to be giving up a few things. One of those things was easy access to cow meat. Singapore doesn’t have much in the way of cheap beef, or reasonably priced steaks. Or, so I thought. During my first visit to Singapore in March of 2008Continue reading “Amigos; Western Food”

Auntie Wants Her Coffee

(Image Source: Coffee in Malaysia) This is just something short that I wanted to mention. Last night my wife and I went up to the shopping area at around midnight to pick up a few things.  There’s a 24 hour Shop ‘n’ Save there!  Afterwards, we dropped by the hawker so I could get aContinue reading “Auntie Wants Her Coffee”