West Harlem Piers Last Tuesday

There’s a Fairways grocery right next to this pier, so when we go there to shop we like to walk out on the pier and look around for a while. The view is amazing! The Fairways there is pretty cool too, by the way. They have a huge room that is completely refrigerated. It’s oddContinue reading “West Harlem Piers Last Tuesday”

Burning Gas and Exploding Buildings in East Harlem

Yesterday, two buildings exploded in East Harlem because of a buildup of natural gas. I’m sure everyone is going to be trying their hardest to shift the blame onto someone else. Whoever winds up on the receiving end of that lawsuit is going to have a really bad day. I feel bad for the familiesContinue reading “Burning Gas and Exploding Buildings in East Harlem”


Yesterday (Tuesday, December 12th), I was surprised to see this man standing on the corner of 137th Street and Hamilton Place in Harlem, Manhattan, just down the hill from the City College of New York CUNY and P.S. 325, a public elementary school. When I walked up to the corner, a man standing by theContinue reading “YougoHell”