Guatemalan Woman Attempts to Secure US Anchor Baby for Immigration

Anchor Baby
Anchor Baby

I just saw a report on ABC about a woman who claims that the US government stole her child.  She entered the country illegally, which is a felony and an insult to the national sovereignty of this country, and when she was caught, she was deemed to be an unfit mother for smuggling her child across international boundaries. In his 2008 decision, terminating Encarnacion’s parental rights, Circuit Court Judge David C. Dally wrote that the biological mother’s “lifestyle, that of smuggling herself into a country illegally and committing crimes in this country is not a lifestyle that can provide stability for a child…A child cannot be educated in this way, always in hiding or on the run.”

Her son was taken away from her and has been adopted out to a family that has had him for 5 years.  Now this illegal immigrant, Encarnacion Bail Romero, is trying to get her son back.  She’s trying to play the ‘broken family’ card to get sympathy from the American public.  She’s trying to get us to overlook the fact that she’s a convicted felon who disregarded the sovereignty of our nation by ignoring our legal immigration procedures.  She wants to use our own court system against us.

This excerpt from the article sums up my opinion fairly well:

“When parents break the law, they undertake a certain amount of risk that there are going to be consequences,” said Daniel Stein of FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

“Anyone can feel for the torment that this poor woman is going through, recognizing that she doesn’t have the educational and the language capabilities to fully defend and vindicate her rights,” said Stein.

“Nevertheless, she knew she came to this country illegally, she knew she broke the law,” he told ABC News.

This illegal immigrant will get no sympathy from me.  If she didn’t want her family to be broken, she shouldn’t have broken federal laws.  We have borders for a reason.  We have immigration procedures for a reason.   It’s too late.  The ship has already sailed. If this kid (formerly called Carlos and now named Jamison) has been adopted out and with a new family for 5 years, she should let the boy enjoy his life, because she would be a stranger to him. What she wants to do would totally destroy this kid’s life, because he would be emotionally scarred forever.  I can’t imagine why she would imagine that fighting for custody of the kid would be in his best interest, since he doesn’t even know her and doesn’t speak Spanish (the biological mother speaks no English), unless of course she’s looking for an anchor that she can use to stay in the United States herself.

Original Story on ABC: “Adoption Battle Over 5-Year Old Boy Pits Missouri Couple Vs. Illegal Immigrant