New York City Graffiti and Wall Murals–Part 3

You may remember this guy.  He was in the last graffiti and wall murals post.  I only post it again because I wanted to mention that it was a good thing I took a photo of it when I did, during the winter when that tree had no leaves on it.  It’s going to be pretty well hidden until Fall comes around.

Wall mural at Cooper Square, Manhattan.

I found the next mural on the opposite side of the building.  I’m not sure why I never noticed it before.  Maybe there was a building or something there the last time I walked through the area.

Wall mural at Cooper Square.

These last few are graffiti from a public restroom.

Public restroom graffiti.

I’m not sure about this one.  I’m still trying to figure out how they get from Sharpie to Sandwich, or what it has to do with staining.

Public restroom graffiti.

Pretty deep, right?  I mean, for toilet art anyway.

New York City Graffiti and Wall Murals – Part 2

Wall mural of black man with fan and robe at 5th Street and Bowery, Manhattan.

This wall mural, located at 5th Street and Bowery, caught my eye right away.  I have no clue what culture the figure is supposed to represent, but it looks like a fusion of African and Asian to me.  The mixed background patterns and colors were a nice touch.  If you look on the left side, there’s a small depiction of a blonde girl, with her hair up in short pig tails.

Here’s a view from the building opposite the mural:

Wall mural at 5th and Bowery, with Cooper Square in the background.

The photo has some blurry looking spots because I took the picture through a window screen.  That’s Cooper Square in the background.

As a bonus, I found this image on a large metal shipping container on the street in front of and to the right of the mural:

An artistic rendering of right wing denial of global warming and climate change.

This is obviously an artistic rendering of the right wing denial of climate change and global warming.  The figure in the image is intentionally covering her eyes to scientific fact.  The way the image has been slightly torn away just makes it more interesting, to me.  Haunting in a way, too, sort of like something you’d find in a post apocalyptic city where denial of science and fact has led to catastrophic disaster.

If you enjoyed this post, keep your eyes out for more.  I’m constantly keeping an eye out for cool images and wall art like this scattered around New York City.

New York City Graffiti and Wall Murals – Part 1

This is a topic I could make many, many posts about, so I’ll just label them all “New York city Graffiti” with a different part number.  Unlike some other places I’ve lived, including other places here in the US, graffiti and murals are prolific here in the city.  In fact, you could almost say it’s encouraged as a method of self-expression.  Some people become so good at painting them that they make a name for themselves.  I can’t think of any offhand, since I just moved back after being gone for quite a long time, but my mom sometimes sees artist ‘tags’ (their signatures on the graffiti) and recognizes them.

Here are two examples of graffiti:

Wall Graffiti Ave C

This one is obviously political in nature and is on Avenue C around 5th or 6th Street.  I should have taken another photo of the long message to the left of the main slogan.  Maybe next time.  Click the image to see a larger version where you might be able to make it out.

Urban Vets Graffiti

This one is a mural for a business: Urban Vets Animal Hospital.  It’s really nice looking and it’s the cat to the left that caught my eye.  I thought my wife would appreciate seeing this.  Unfortunately, the veterinary hospital itself has something of a bad reputation so I’ll probably never go in.

Be Careful Where You Park Your Car in New York City or….

A white van with graffiti spray painted all over it in New York City.

… you might wind up with a ride that looks a little something like what you see above.

Over the last 10 years or so, New York City has really been cleaned up.  I heard recently that crime has gone down by a third during roughly the same amount of time.  Still, that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down when it comes to making sure you keep yourself and your property safe.

Without checking actual statistics I would say that New York City is probably a safer place than Manila, but even so I know people who don’t go out after dark, just to be on the safe side.  Women get snatched up and raped, people get robbed, and there have even been fatal shootings in the neighborhood around where I’ll be staying.

In the week that I was in New York (before the trip I’m currently on to visit family in Georgia), we heard someone fire off about 6 rounds from a pistol on the street behind our apartment building and we walked down a street just a few short hours before two people were found dead in a vehicle there.

So, while I can relax a little bit compared to being in Manila, I’ll still be keeping my eyes open and listening for trouble.