Kenmare Street Graffiti

We were walking across Kenmare Street yesterday to get to the 4/5/6 train and we saw quite a bit of graffiti. I took pictures of the two that really stood out to me. I really miss the warm weather, when it’s possible to just walk around New York taking photos. Of course, I miss havingContinue reading “Kenmare Street Graffiti”

North American Petroglyph Graffiti in New York City

On Thursday, my wife and I were walking downtown and, mixed in with advertisements, I saw this graffiti on the barrier walling off an empty lot. The first thing I thought of when I saw the images were the animal paintings in the cave at Lascaux, France. Those are some of the oldest cave artContinue reading “North American Petroglyph Graffiti in New York City”

Coney Island and Night of Horrors (Weekend before Sandy)

This post is long delayed. I meant to write it up and publish it on Monday, October 29th, but that night was the night Sandy flooded Lower Manhattan and caused our power to go out. By the time we got our electricity and internet back, I was scrambling to catch up on papers that neededContinue reading “Coney Island and Night of Horrors (Weekend before Sandy)”