More Strange Pringles Flavors from the Philippines

Last month on the 1st I posted a photo of some odd Pringles flavors, including Seaweed and Grilled Shrimp, that I’d found here in the Philippines.  I think they’re totally weird and I’m not all that interested in trying them, but I suppose they’re patterned after local tastes, the way McDonald’s patterns it’s menu toContinue reading “More Strange Pringles Flavors from the Philippines”

Durian Is Just Disgusting!

Before moving to Singapore I’d never heard of a particularly vulgar fruit called “durian”.  It is sometimes referred to as the “king of fruits”, though how it can even be considered a fruit, let alone the king, is far beyond me. The first time I encountered durian was when I was still around the cornerContinue reading “Durian Is Just Disgusting!”