Four Packages of Free Archway Cookies

I’m one of those people that’s terribly unlucky when it comes to games of chance like the lotto or drawings for giveaways.  So, I was really skeptical, but hopeful, when an Archway rep responded to my earlier post about Archway cookies.  I mean, you never know who you’re talking to on the Internet right?  IContinue reading “Four Packages of Free Archway Cookies”

Archway Responded To My Blog Post With An Offer of Cookies

On Friday, I came across packages of Archway cookies in the A&P on 14th street.  I’d heard they were out of business and had given up on ever having my favorite oatmeal cookies again, so I was really excited to see them up for sale.  I was so excited that I wrote a blog postContinue reading “Archway Responded To My Blog Post With An Offer of Cookies”

Mini Marble Is Getting Spayed

I’m not sure if I’ve ever posted photos of Mini Marble here but she was picked up tonight to be taken for spaying. You see, Mini Marble is a stray cat, a community cat, here in Pasir Ris. She’s a small kitten of about 7 months and we see her every day as we walkContinue reading “Mini Marble Is Getting Spayed”

Excuse Me Sir, But You Have Soup On Your Shirt

I saw this set up at Bossini a few days ago in some mall or another.  I don’t remember where.  At first I was like, hey that’s pretty neat.  I looked at the shirts and I was even thinking it was pretty cool.  Then I realized that it was a move to pull in suckers.Continue reading “Excuse Me Sir, But You Have Soup On Your Shirt”