Colbert’s 1664 Memorandum on Trade: Analysis

In 1664, Jean-Baptiste Colbert sent a letter to the King of France, Louis XIV, to appeal for economic reforms that would bring greater prosperity to the French people. This letter, now known as “Memorandum on Trade, 1664,” reveals the depths of the problems France faced, and Colbert’s desperation to find solutions. While writing his letter,Continue reading “Colbert’s 1664 Memorandum on Trade: Analysis”

Banning the Burqa: Good or Bad?

No, these are not female ninjas.  (Image from: It seems like I’ve been hearing more and more about Islam over the last few weeks.  The 28th of March through the 3rd of April was Islamic Awareness Week.  There were posters set up in various parts of the CCNY campus with quotes from the KoranContinue reading “Banning the Burqa: Good or Bad?”