Street Rats

In the Disney movie Aladdin, the idea of being a “street rat” was glorified as an honorable way of making a living, with a code of ethics and a comfortable life.  In reality, things don’t work out quite that way.  I’ve seen poor people on the street here in the Philippines and they don’t lookContinue reading “Street Rats”

Talking Politics With A Cab Driver

You ever get in a cab with a driver that is really eager to chat?  What choice do you have?  You’re sort of a captive audience.  Sometimes I try to deter them by giving short answers, but this guy seemed really excited about sharing his point of view.  The conversation started out with a briefContinue reading “Talking Politics With A Cab Driver”

Indonesian Maid Beaten To Death By Malaysian Employers

via Yahoo! News: Hani was rescued from her employers’ home a week ago. She was found by another Indonesian cleaner hired to replace her who noticed a foul smell coming from a locked bathroom. Police said that when she was found she was tied up around her arms and legs, and was bruised all overContinue reading “Indonesian Maid Beaten To Death By Malaysian Employers”

The Abuse of Non-Resident Workers in Singapore

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog recently you’ll have read that Singapore can be a pretty rough place for a foreigner.  There’s plenty of racism and discrimination from locals.  Unfortunately, this type of discrimination is also common in the work place. In Singapore business, appearance is everything.  Companies want to present the bestContinue reading “The Abuse of Non-Resident Workers in Singapore”