Museum Challenge: Celebrating the Year of the Rooster @ The Metropolitan Museum of Art

In the Chinese calendar, it’s the Year of the Rooster. I didn’t even realize that until I saw an exhibit listed to celebrate the Rooster in the Chinese galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I tried to guess at how they could put together an entire gallery of roosters. Rows and rows of roosters,Continue reading “Museum Challenge: Celebrating the Year of the Rooster @ The Metropolitan Museum of Art”

Accountability and Free Will: Did Pharaoh Have a Chance?

In the book of Exodus, the stories surrounding the Hebrews’ captivity in Egypt and their subsequent release after the Egyptians are afflicted by ten plagues from God creates problems theologically and philosophically. The stories raise questions about man’s free will and why man is held accountable for actions that he has no control over. InContinue reading “Accountability and Free Will: Did Pharaoh Have a Chance?”

Reading Response: Modernization in Egypt, 19th Century

A reading response I wrote for a graduate class, based on four articles or selections about modernization in Egypt.   In “An Irrigated Empire: The View from Ottoman Fayyum,” Alan Mikhail uses agriculture in Fayyum and the maintenance of dikes and dams to make a larger argument about the balance of power in the OttomanContinue reading “Reading Response: Modernization in Egypt, 19th Century”

Differing Islamist Ideologies: Violence and Government

A short essay I wrote last year for an undergraduate history course on Islamist political movements: Modern media has tended to portray Islamist movements as a single entity with a single goal in mind: the establishment of an Islamic state. While it is true that establishing an Islamic state is the end goal, this simpleContinue reading “Differing Islamist Ideologies: Violence and Government”

Islamism and “The Yacoubian Building”

The following is a short essay I wrote about The Yacoubian Building for an undergraduate history course. In Alaa al Aswany’s book, The Yacoubian Building, Islamism and Islamists are primarily presented through the point of view of the character Taha El Shazli, the son of a doorman who lives on the roof of the YacoubianContinue reading “Islamism and “The Yacoubian Building””